Your Free WordPress Viral Plugin

Your Free WordPress Viral Plugin

We think you’re going to like this… a lot :)

How do you think the ultimate social viral marketing plugin would work… maybe something like this?

  1. You advertise a giveaway (like a free ebook, video, coupon, gift… or plugin)
  2. You require a visitor to click a ‘Like’ (or + or whatever) button to get it
  3. This then shares the post with all their connections, who also have to click ‘Like’ to get it
  4. Which shares it with their friends who then… etc.

Jolly good, because that’s exactly what the free plugin we’re using on this site does, and you can get your copy by just clicking below:


And of course, as it’s a WPMU DEV plugin it’s got all sorts of fancy stuff, like unlimited ads, via custom posts:

And useful settings:

And great config options:

And of course a lovely integrated embedded next to your regular media stuff:

The only thing we should note at the moment is that it is very much beta – so there are plenty of improvements that can still be made, which is one of the reasons we’re giving it away free, so you can let us know in the comments how you’d like it to be improved!

[Editor’s Update]: We no longer maintain or support the Social Marketing plugin (see this post for more info: You can, however, still download and use the plugin. Get it here:

So enjoy :) And let us know!

Feature image CC Mr D Logan