16 Fun WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard Of

16 Fun WordPress Plugins You’ve Never Heard Of

With tens of thousands of unique WordPress plugins, there’s bound to be some you’ve never heard of. Here are 16 interesting WordPress plugins to explore.

It’s often said that “if you need something done, there’s a WordPress plugin for that!” In this post, we list several plugins that will help you do things you probably didn’t know you could, fun plugins for WordPress created by imaginative plugin developers and some funny WordPress plugins too!

Interesting WordPress Plugins

Here are some plugins you’ve probably never heard of. Could these also come in handy? You betcha!

  • Forminator - For Fun Quizzes

    Forminator WordPress Plugin

    Ok… some of you have probably heard of this one. But if you haven’t, Forminator does a lot of things well, like creating quizzes. Quizzes can improve your results by giving your site more user engagement, more social shares, more email opt-ins… and more fun! Create the right quizz and it could be a game-changer for your business. Think of addictive, viral quizzes that have done the rounds with friends of friends on social media.

    Besides creating fun or challenging quizzes for your visitors to take and share on social media (including BuzzFeed-style “no wrong answer” quizzes), Forminator’s drag-and-drop visual builder also lets you easily create interactive polls with real-time results and lots of dynamic options and settings to collect users opinions and calculators that add value to your site and act as lead magnets for your visitors.

    Forminator integrates with over 1,000+ applications and you can even gamify your form submissions with GamiPress, the gamification plugin described below.

    Interested in Forminator - For Fun Quizzes?

  • GamiPress

    Do you want to add game-like features to your site and increase engagement and interaction with your users?

    GamiPress lets you easily gamify your WordPress website so you can award users with digital rewards for interacting with your site. This powerful and extensible plugin comes with several built-in features, including award systems with points, achievements, and ranks for completing steps or time-limit requirements.

    This plugin also offers many integrations and add-ons that let you gamify a host of other useful applications.

  • Docxpresso

    Have you written a great document, table, or spreadsheet using MS Word, Excel, or a similar tool and would like to add it to WordPress? Then Docxpresso is the WordPress plugin you are looking for!

    This plugin lets you publish content generated with your favourite Office Suite (MS, Libre or Open Office) and preserves all of its structure, design and format, including keeping all of your nicely formatted text, headings, sortable and responsive tables, links and bookmarks, nested  and numbered lists, images, charts… even headers and footers, TOCs and drop caps.

    Sample document embedded into WordPress post using Docxpresso.
    Sample document embedded into WordPress post using Docxpresso. (Screenshot sourced from plugin website.)

    Docxpresso is Gutenberg-friendly and lets you insert links in your document to YouTube videos, a Google form, or a Google doc that will render in your WordPress post or page.

  • WP Image Zoom

    You know that massive flowchart or diagram you’ve created, or that finely detailed picture you’ve taken at the museum that now looks unreadable when added to your post? Well, fret not, as WP Image Zoom lets your site users zoom into your images as they hover their mouses over the sections they would like to see enlarged.

    This is a paid plugin that online store owners will find useful, as customers can zoom into details of product image variations. The plugin also lets you customize the zoom window position, use different zooming effects to view enlarged image areas, and is compatible with many lightboxes.

    Interested in WP Image Zoom?

  • RPB Chessboard

    Do you play chess and blog at the same time? Then you will love this plugin. RPB Chessboard lets you typeset and display chess games and diagrams in your posts and pages, using standard FEN and PGN notations.

    RPB Chessboard plugin screenshot.
    RPB Chessboard plugin screenshot (image sourced from plugin page.)

    One of the really cool features of this plugin is that users can click on a move to view the corresponding position in a pop-up window.

    RPB Chessboard plugin screenshot.
    Click on a move to see its corresponding position. (screenshot sourced from plugin page.)
  • Image Hotspot

    Image Hotspot is another useful plugin that lets you add hotspots with informations and hyperlinks to your images and display these in your posts and pages using a shortcode.

    As the example below shows, this is a great feature for creating your own location maps, linking names on an organizational flowchart to personnel profile pages, identifying product parts, and so much more.

    Image hotspot plugin screenshot.
    Add hotspots to images with this plugin. (Screenshot sourced from plugin site.)

    Interested in Image Hotspot?

  • Quotes Collection

    As Joseph Roux once said, “A fine quotation is a diamond in the hand of a man of wit and a pebble in the hand of a fool.”

    If you enjoy quotations, this plugin is one that you will savor. It can help you collect, manage, and display favorite quotes in your WordPress site or blog.  Just don’t go too crazy with this plugin, or you may discover as Raymond Chandler did, that “the flood of print has turned reading into a process of gulping rather than savoring.”

    Interested in Quotes Collection?

Fun WordPress Plugins

Does every WordPress plugin need to serve a purpose? Not exactly! WordPress developers build plugins for all kinds of reasons. Some build frivolous plugins to test their coding skills, some just want to see an idea through, and some do it because they just feel like it. What’s great about the plugins listed below is that even if you decide you’ll never use it, it might just spark an idea for functionality you may need someday… maybe even build your own plugin!

  • Floating Icons

    Floating Icons lets you add a special touch to your site with floating icons that move across the user’s screen. Use this plugin to grab your visitor’s attention during special occasions like Valentine’s day, festive events, special sales, and any other time you feel like showering users with love…  or trees… or stars.

    Add a special touch to your site during special events with floating icons.

    The plugin lets you use 5 pre-built icons or any font-awesome icons, create icons in three different colors,  set minimum and maximum icon size, and set the speed you’d like icons to flow down the screen.

    Interested in Floating Icons?

  • Football Pool

    Originally coded with match information for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, you can easily edit the Football Pool plugin to display match info for other championships or sports… even your own local league!

    With this plugin installed, logged-in users can predict outcomes of matches and earn extra points with bonus questions. Every player can also view other pool contenders’ scores and charts.

    Interested in Football Pool?

  • Sportsteam Widget

    Speaking of games, Sportsteam Widget is a WordPress game widget plugin that lets you show the next match of a game on the sidebar of your website or blog.

    Sportsteam Widget screenshot
    Show your team’s next match on your sidebar. Image source: plugin website.

    Interested in Sportsteam Widget?

  • Stylish Scrolling Title

    Stylish Scrolling Title lets you add an auto-scrolling title to your site. The plugin developer guarantees that this amazing WordPress plugin will change your WordPress experience… and he’s not wrong! Check it out below:

    Autoscrolling title animation

    This will change your WordPress experience!

    Interested in Stylish Scrolling Title?

  • Simple Bitcoin Faucets

    Bitcoin faucets dispense rewards in the form of a tiny fraction of bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) for visitors to claim. Simple Bitcoin (Altcoin) Faucets is a plugin that lets you incentivize and reward users for visiting pages on your site and for generating more traffic to your content.

    Animated bitcoin faucet plugin icon.

    Reward your site visitors with cryptocurrency!This free plugin works on mobile devices, lets you generate as many faucets as you want on your site, and can be added to content, games, donation pages, etc. It supports several crypto-currencies and almost all MicroPayment systems. Visit the plugin site for a list of demo uses and applications.

    Interested in Simple Bitcoin Faucets?

  • Custom Ratings

    Who has never dreamed of having their product earn a 5 young David Hasselhoffs rating? Does a 2 out of 5 rating make you a cool cat?

    With the Custom Ratings plugin installed on your site, your visitors will get to have fun rating your content using custom rating icons. For example, if you run a cafe, why not let your customers rate the quality of your lattes using a cup of coffee icon? Or let homeowners rate your building services using hammer icons? Or gym members rate your training facilities using weights? You get the idea…

    Screenshot of cupcake rating icons

    Using cupcakes to rate your dessert recipes? Sweet!Custom icons are uploaded to your WordPress media library. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce products and can be used for custom post types. You can also configure settings like which post types to display custom rating icons in, specify the position of the ratings in your content, and customize style icon elements using built-in CSS or your own.

    Interested in Custom Ratings?

  • Wappuvatar

    Wapuu is the official mascot of WordPress Japan. Wapuuvatar lets you add Wapuus as your site avatars. The best reason for using this plugin? For fun and for the love of Wapuus.

  • Random Image Gallery

    The Random image gallery with pretty photo zoom plugin lets you display a random image anywhere in your posts, template files or sidebar using widgets. Clicking on images opens them in a zoom box overlay.

    Random cat images.

    Display random images on your site to wow and meow your visitors!After installing the plugin, you will need to upload images into a folder on your server and specify this folder as the random image folder in the plugin settings. You can set the width of images to display in the widget and in the shortcode. Use this plugin to spice up your posts or pages and showcase random images of products, people,or just share fun pictures to engage your visitors.

    Interested in Random Image Gallery?

  • WordPress Puzzle - Word Search Puzzles

    Word Search Puzzles game is a WordPress puzzle plugin that lets you add words that you specify to grids of various sizes and create a fun word seek game for your site users and visitors.

    Word Search WordPress Puzzle Plugin
    Word Search – Fun Plugins For WordPress

    Use this fun plugin to keep users engaged with words related to your product, service, business, or industry. When users solve the puzzle, you can present them with a special offer or discount coupon in the congratulatory message. Fun and profitable too!

    Interested in WordPress Puzzle - Word Search Puzzles?

  • Worthless Plugin

    Although this plugin developer has developed a number of useful and worthy plugins, Worthless Plugin is truly and totally worthless.

    Worthless plugin image.
    Worth it? Nah… totally worthless plugin!

    There’s really nothing useful about this plugin. Install it if you want a good belly laugh, hearty chuckle, half-hearted chuckle, but be warned… the excitement won’t last!

    Interested in Worthless Plugin?

  • PHP & CSS Pranks

    To make up for the lameness of the previous entry and avoid an anticlimatic end to this section, I thought I’d share something you can do to prank members of your team and possibly get you fired.

    GitHub user rhspeer has put put together a compilation of pranks and April Fool tricks that you can add to your site using PHP and CSS. It’s called “Joy” and that’s what it will bring you if you’re into doing things unto others that others may not appreciate being done unto them.

    Interested in PHP & CSS Pranks?

WordPress plugins just for fun?

Sure! We’re not always all serious and focused on “let’s get the job done”! Why should WordPress be any different? You can find loads of WordPress plugins that are all just fun and games in the plugin repository, by searching Google or check out 5 WordPress game plugins to increase your site’s fun factor.

Have you heard of any other handy WordPress plugins that are unusual, frivolous, crazy, mind-boggling, or just plain fun? Then share your discoveries in the comments section below!
Martin Aranovitch
Martin Aranovitch Martin is a WordPress trainer and educator who believes that all problems in life can be solved using WordPress plugins. He is the author of "The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual" and runs a WordPress user training website at WPTrainingManual.com.