Get Notified By Text About Updates On Your WordPress Website

Get Notified By Text About Updates On Your WordPress Website

WordPress Update TextRemembering to log in to your WordPress websites to check for and install the latest WordPress core update, theme updates, and plugins updates is the hardest thing for me to do.

I had set up an email reminder so that whenever a website needs an update I get a reminder email, but many times, I just put that off. I’ve found that I respond to texts with a greater sense of urgency.

I needed to get texts from my websites when I needed to take care of any updates.

A developer friend of mine wrote a simple WordPress plugin that would create a private RSS feed that I could then aggregate into an RSS feedreader. Then, I could have the RSS Reader notify me whenever I had updates to perform. But that was just not the ideal solution for me.

Then, it hit me. Every phone has an email address associated with it. All I needed to do was get my email address for my phone and then have my WordPress website email that address when there was an update notification. To discover my email address, I simply sent an email from my phone to my personal email address and checked the “From” field.

The email format for some of the more popular cell carriers are (from publicly available information at the time of this writing – subject to change):

  • Verizon –
  • AT&T:
  • T-Mobile:
  • Virgin Mobile:
  • Sprint:
  • Alltel:
  • Metro PCS:

Once you have your email address for your phone, install the Mail On Update plugin on your website. After you activate the plugin, visit the settings page.

Mail On Update Default EmailIn the settings section, put the email address of your phone in the “Alternative Recipients” field and it will override your admin email. If you still want to get an email, hit the Enter key and put that email address on a separate line. You can put as many email addresses as you’d like as long as they are on separate lines.

Mail On Update Multiple Addresses
If you’re like me and you need a “nag” feature sometimes, do not tick the “Send only one notice per Update” box and you will receive a text every 12 hours to remind you to update your website.

Under the Filters section, you can choose NOT to be notified based upon several different criteria – such as “Inactive Plugins”. However, I am a firm believe that you should keep even inactive plugins updated, so I will leave this section selected as “Don’t filter plugins”.

Mail On Update Filters
In the final section, you can choose individual plugins to be notified of and choose which ones to NOT be notified of. Once again, I leave them all ticked so that I’ll receive notice of ANY plugins that need updating.

WordPress Update TextNow, you can receive a text whenever you have updates to perform. And, if you don’t take care of it, you’ll get that nagging reminder again in twelve hours.

Hopefully, this will help you become more efficient at getting your WordPress updates completed. I know that it has made me pay special attention to them. I handle them much more expeditiously now.

Be sure to post any tools, tricks, or tips that you use to help you keep your WordPress websites up to date. We’d love to hear them.
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