Get Robust E-Commerce with the Magento WordPress Integration Plugin

Get Robust E-Commerce with the Magento WordPress Integration Plugin

If you love the power of WordPress as a CMS but Magento is your open source e-commerce engine of choice, then you’ll be happy to learn that the two can now be easily integrated.

Introducing Magento WordPress Integration:

The Magento WordPress Integration plugin, previously known as Wordgento, lets you add any Magento blocks to your WordPress theme, including ones you have created yourself and static blocks created through the Magento admin area. You can also add any number of Magento products to your WordPress posts and pages.

Configure the added Magento blocks and products directly within your WordPress dashboard. Having had several clients who have requested Magento integration with their WordPress blog, I can attest to the fact that integrating the two without the help of a plugin is not easy. However, this plugin has several panels that let you share information from your store to WordPress without having to edit any template files.

What can the Magento WordPress Integration plugin do?

  • Bring out any of the default Magento Blocks in your WordPress theme
  • Bring out any Magento blocks that you have created yourself
  • Bring out any static blocks that you have made in your Magento admin area
  • Choose which toplinks to show (if you are using that block)
  • Choose which javascript and css files to load in your WordPress theme
  • Add additional javascript and css files from you Magento installation
  • Show Magento products on a WordPress post or page by entering a list of comma seprated SKUs into the field provided in the post/page editors
  • Use the options provided in the plugin settings to style the products that are shown on posts/pages

Essentially, the Magento WordPress Integration plugin lets you pull in anything you want from your Magento store and make it seamless with your WordPress site, giving you high power e-commerce with the added bonus of a user-friendly content management system.

Follow the plugin’s developer @jamesckemp on Twitter for the very latest updates on the Magento WordPress Integration plugin. Though this is not exactly a plug and play installation, the process will be worth it in the end. Integrating WordPress and Magento will bring a continuity to your site and store that will help you to sell more. Visit the plugin’s homepage for complete installation instructions. You can download Magento WordPress Integration from the plugin repository.