Get The Light Version of the New WordPress Admin Design

Get The Light Version of the New WordPress Admin Design

A few months ago we previewed the new WordPress admin design powered by the MP6 plugin, which will more than likely make its debut in WordPress 3.7. If you can’t stand to wait for the new design, you can get MP6 right now but know that it’s undergoing active development. Don’t be scared away by its 1996 plugin header design – the new admin UI is actually a beautifully simplified new look.

MP6 Light is a new plugin that takes the dark design of MP6 and lightens it up. In case you don’t have a test version to compare it to, here’s the default dark design of the MP6 plugin:

The new WordPress admin design, powered by the MP6 plugin

MP6 Light requires the MP6 plugin, which means you will need to install both in order to use it. Once you’ve activated the plugin you’ll see that the dashboard has been transformed to have a light grey menu and a white background for a much lighter look:

MP6 Light plugin

If you prefer the lighter look, add the new MP6 Light plugin on top of MP6. There are no settings to configure – just install and activate it. Be advised that this plugin will be changing along with MP6, so you may not want to use it in a production environment.

What do you think about the light version? Would you like to see it offered as an option along with the dark version when it gets added to the WordPress core?