Get Your Own Built-In WordPress Blogging Coach

Get Your Own Built-In WordPress Blogging Coach

If you manage a regular blog, it can be easy to get caught up in SEO, design, planning and responding to comments. This is all well and good but every once in awhile you may have to make sure that all of the business that goes into producing a blog doesn’t begin to overtake the quality of your blogs’ content, day in and day out.

Certainly, the internet is full of excellent ever-changing resources for improving your writing, perfecting your tone and honing your style but if you are anything like me, these resources build up layers of dust within my bookmarks folder, rarely making their way into my workflow.

Good Writer Checkify provides an excellent way to keep your top writing tips and suggestions in the foreground while you write. This plugin lets you take 10 of the best blogging principles from your saved web articles and books, and insert them into the plugin’s settings where they will show up as a handy checklist beneath the post editor.

Here’s an example:

The metabox is a convenient check list that prompts you to follow your own selection of favorite tips, tricks and rules for better writing. Now you can make sure that your content continues to meet and exceed the standards that you want to provide to your readers.

The checklist can be comprised of up to 10 items but can also hold as few as you like. It also maintains a unique checklist for each post, so whether you’re only working on one blog or cranking out four different drafts at a time, you can be assured that you are only checking off items that are relevant to each separate draft.

Improving your writing workflow and quality can be as simple as letting Good Writer Checkify remind you of the real-time writing tips that you need. Rather than relying on your overworked cranium to keep track of your verbal checklist, this plugin can let you play virtual editor to yourself. Get methodical with this tool today and let us know how it improves your workflow.