Good content trumps SEO… I beg to differ, try putting WordPress in your domain name!

Good content trumps SEO… I beg to differ, try putting WordPress in your domain name!

I tell you, if one thing riles me more than anything else when it comes to running a web business, it’s the trials and tribulations of SEO.

Specifically, competing with SEO blackhats, when it comes to the position of your business – let’s say, for example this very site – versus various competition.

And, even more specifically, in the face of Google consistently claiming that SEO doesn’t matter, it’s just about the content:

Via RWW (who just sold, woot, congrats Richard!)

As Siobhan pointed out, this is a seriously scary area, and that’s not down to good content, it’s down to simple blackhat SEO.

Such as the search for ‘Free WordPress Themes’

The absolute, obvious, top result is at number 5… the rest are scary and dangerous!

And, as you can see, the top two are both using ‘wordpress’ in their domain names… in complete contravention of the WordPress Foundation’s TM policies (not that they’ll do anything about that, despite being asked.)

And that’s not the only example, by an stretch of the imagination, every day we encounter members at WPMU DEV that have downloaded dodgy plugins, themes and worse – all because Google is so easily played via matching domain name matches, spam, link buying and more.

While sites, like this one, that are committed to providing interesting, informative and hopefully engaging news on a daily basis, just have to wait and hope that one day these guys will get filtered out.

Which, unfortunately, despite what they are saying, hasn’t happened yet.


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