Google Street View Comments Plugin for WordPress

Google Street View Comments Plugin for WordPress

Google Street View Comments Plugin for WordPressI’m experiencing one of those moments when I’ve found a plugin for which I can’t really think of a use, but I just plain like.

Under normal circumstances, I would have to move on with my life, forever knowing that I may have missed out on something special. But as a writer for WPMU, I can pass on my approval to you guys, in the knowledge that some of you will know what to do.

And yes, I do like to engage in hyperbole at every possible opportunity.

Street View Comments

That’s enough babbling for a Monday morning – let’s take a look at this plugin.

The premise is simple. Comments are a big part of WordPress, and the Street View Comments plugin utilizes them in a rather unique way, by allowing visitors to attach comments to street views on Google Maps:

Like this.
Like this.

You can literally point your cursor at the specific thing you want to highlight, then comment on it:

Google Street View Comments

The really cool thing about this plugin is that it integrates seamlessly with WordPress’ comments system. All of the comments are treated like “normal” comments, and can be edited and moderated as such.

I’m not going to lie to you – I still have no idea how I would use this plugin. I can imagine that it would be of use to an blog that has a focus on a specific locality. I’m sure you guys will figure it out.

Download Street View Comments here.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of foxspain