Great Review Site for Checking Out WordPress Plugins

Great Review Site for Checking Out WordPress Plugins

WordPress is extremely flexible, which is one of the reasons so many people use it and love it.

There are hundreds of different plugins, so learning about them prior to install is important. Some plugins are maintained more often, others just work the best at certain tests. Find out which plugins are the best through plugin review site WPNuggets.

WPNuggets revolves around thorough, well-written reviews of both paid and free plugins. When you search for a plugin, you can select from a variety of different plugins that meets your criteria. All you need to do is select the review you want to read.

The basic search interface shows several things of importance:

  • Plugin Name
  • Review Rating (in Stars)
  • Basic Description of the Plugin
  • Link to read full review
Check it out:

The basics of every review at WPNuggets include the rating, the creator, where you can find the plugin, the version number, and the type of plugin it is. Everyone who submits a plugin to WPNuggets needs to have this information ready upon submit.

The information that you find within each review depends on the type of plugin you’re looking for. However, there are a few things that you will find are often present in reviews, including installation information, how it is used, the purpose of the plugin, and how well the plugin works.

This is the heart and soul of each review at WPNuggets, and what makes it a great resource for WordPress Users.

-Seth C