Handy Tool for WordPress Plugin Developers: Readme File Generator

Handy Tool for WordPress Plugin Developers: Readme File Generator

If you’re a plugin developer, you may want to check out the WordPress Plugin Readme File Generator.

This convenient tool lets you go through a checklist of fill-in-the-blank boxes to help you make up your readme files for your plugin.

Required Fields

The generator’s first section presents a list of required fields.

The required fields include the following:

  • Plugin Name
  • Contributors
  • Tags
  • Requires at least (lowest version the plugin will work on)
  • Tested up to (highest version plugin has been tested on)
  • Stable Tag  (the Subversion “tag” of the latest stable version)
  • Short Description (150 characters max – the generator conveniently keeps track of how many characters you’ve used)


Optional Fields

After the required fields, the generator presents numerous optional fields. A simplified WYSIWYG editor is provided for most of the options.

The options fields include the following.

  • Long Description
  • Donate Link (a space to put donation links)
  • Installation Instructions (a default description is included, but you can add your own)
  • Frequently Asked Question
  • Change Log
  • First Screenshot Description
  • Second Screenshot Description
  • Video (options for YouTube, Vimeo, and WordPress.tv)
  • Arbitrary section (space for extra information)


The Completed File

And then you get the completed file.

You can find the generator here.

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