Hello Dolly? Really?

Hello Dolly? Really?

Hello Dolly
This is what you are encouraging, WordPress.


The very first time I loaded up WordPress, I started poking around and came across the plugins page. I was presented with two bizarre-sounding plugins:

Weird name…sounds like it might be useful though. It comes with some instructions too – handy!
Hello Dolly

I don’t know if you can remember how you felt when you first started using WordPress, but I do – generally quite overwhelmed. Whilst I am technologically savvy and knowledgeable about website design in general, this was a whole new world. I nearly went straight back to trusty old Windows Notepad, with its comforting lack of options.

Hello Dolly had me stumped for a few moments. I barely even knew what a plugin was, and this new CMS I was using had seen fit to include Hello Dolly as standard. It sounded like it was completely useless, but if it was, why would they bundle it in?

What really stumped me was the fact that it was actually some kind of zombie plugin that would rise from the dead every time I updated WordPress. What is it about this plugin that is so bloody important?!

Well, I now of course know that there is nothing important about Hello Dolly. This plugin that is so irritating to people that plugins have been made to remove it. That’s right – you install a plugin to remove a plugin. Such is the level of animosity.

Hello Dolly

WordPress – why unnecessarily confuse newbies? Why include a plugin that is of no use to us whatsoever? You might claim it is a bit of fun – I claim it is a pain in the ass that I don’t need.


Time to unleash the scorn of an entire community – what are your thoughts on Hello Dolly?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Brian Moore