How to Design a WordPress Theme With No Coding Skills Whatsoever

How to Design a WordPress Theme With No Coding Skills Whatsoever

There are probably thousands of folk out there who can envision the perfect site design in their heads, but lack the skills, time or confidence to attempt creating their own WordPress theme.

You can design a WordPress theme even if you don't know CSS
Great at design, less great at coding?

If you feel like you’re in this category, you shouldn’t abandon all hope of designing a WordPress theme. There are a number of different tools out there that let you tweak and customize the appearance of your site without having to touch a single line of code.

If your artistic vision exceeds your technical WordPress skills, you might be interested in one of these code-free solutions. None of these products are a substitute for learning CSS and WordPress design, but they’ll certainly give you more creative freedom and room to experiment with the appearance of your site.


Price: Freemium

Uber-simple web app that lets you design your WordPress theme with a drag and drop visual editor. This is one for absolute beginners and functionality is limited. You can upgrade to the Pro version for $87/year.

WP Paintbrush

Price: Free

This a WordPress theme with a front-end editor for manipulating the appearance of your site. We covered WP Paintbrush in more detail when it was first released. Read the original article here.


Price: Starts at $68 for basic version

Another drag and drop WordPress theme. Headway differs from WP Paintbrush, in that the visual editor is accessed through the back end of your site, in the WordPress dashboard.


Price: $49.95

This design software is not specific to WordPress. Artisteer can be used to create themes and templates for a number of different content management systems. Includes a selection of “suggested design” templates if you find yourself lacking inspiration.

Over to you – can you recommend any non-coding solutions for designing a WordPress theme? Have you managed to create something sexy without a working knowledge of CSS? Leave a comment and tell us about your experiences.

Image courtesy of Pedro Simoes.