How to Display Multiple Authors for One WordPress Post [Plugin]

How to Display Multiple Authors for One WordPress Post [Plugin]

We see it all the time from big-time media outlets – more than one author getting credit on an article. In WordPress, however, giving credit to more than one author on a post is not possible out of the box.

The Co-Authors Plus plugin solves that problem.

How It Works

This plugin does take a little digging into your theme’s files. You will need to replace the snippet of code your theme uses to call the author in with code provided by the plugin. You can find instructions for this new snippet of code in the “Other Notes” section on the plugin page.

The plugin page gets into some detail about what you might replace your original author code with, but for a generic replacement you would look for a tag similar to “the_author” and replace it with something along the lines of the following:



Of course your theme may vary as to the exact tag that it uses to call in the the_author. It may have a customized version, but it will most likely still include the term “author.” Also, remember that you will need to insert the new code wherever you would like it to appear (e.g. single.php, index.php, archive.php, category.php).

The Plugin in Action

Once activated and set up, you will see a new selection below the area where you write your posts. The author who is logged in should already appear in the area. You can then type the name of the other author(s) that you would like to be associated with the post.

And once everything is finished, both authors (or more) will receive credit.

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