How to Display Your Latest Spotify Activity in WordPress

How to Display Your Latest Spotify Activity in WordPress

If you haven’t joined in the Spotify craze, you may be missing out on one of the finest social music sharing apps to hit the scene.

When I first tried the app I thought, “Wow, Spotify is faster than the internet itself!” It’s lightning fast. Pumping out a feed to Facebook of all of the songs you listen to can be a bit annoying and overwhelming to your friends and followers. A better place for that is to show your latest activity in the sidebar of your WordPress blog.

The Latest Spotify Activity plugin for WordPress lets you display a stream of the latest songs you’ve listened to right on your website. It even shows which song is currently playing on your Spotify app. Here’s how to get it working:

Step 1: Signup for a account (if you’re not already a member)

A account is required for showing your latest activity. It’s free – all you have to do is sign up and have a username to enter into the plugin’s settings.

Step 2: Enable scrobbling in your Spotify app’s preferences.

This part of the step is done within Spotify. Since Spotify doesn’t currently have an API, you will have to use “ Scrobbling” to display your latest songs. To set up scrobbling, simply open the user preferences in Spotify. Enter your username and password and check “Scrobble to”.

Step 3: Install the Latest Spotify Activity plugin.

The Latest Spotify Activity plugin is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository. Install and activate it and then you’ll have the option to add the widget to your sidebar or any other widgetized area.

Input your username, select how many recent activities you want to show and click save. It will look something similar to the one pictured here.

That’s it! Now you’ll be streaming all of your latest activity from Spotify.