How to Find Out What WordPress Theme a Site is Using

How to Find Out What WordPress Theme a Site is Using

Have you ever visited a site and wondered what WordPress theme it’s using?

You could easily take a peek at the source code or look at the theme’s stylesheet, but not everyone knows how to do that.

In today’s Weekend WordPress Project, I’ll show you the quickest way to find out a site’s theme.

What theme?
Find out what theme your favorite WordPress sites are using.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

What WordPress Theme is That? is a site where you can simply enter an URL and it will tell you the name of the theme a site is using.

It will also tell you which plugins the site is using, too.

The site pulls the information from the site’s active theme’s stylesheet.

For example, let’s take a look at WP Tavern, a WordPress news site.

A quick search reveals WP Tavern is using a child theme based on the Stargazer theme, created by Theme Hybrid.

WP Tavern user a child theme based on Stargazer, a theme by Theme Hybrid.

Now, a search for the WPMU DEV website reveals we don’t use a publicly available theme on our blog. Instead, we have a customized theme we’ve created especially for our site.

We use a customized theme on the WPMU DEV Blog.

So what about isn’t a WordPress site??

Hmm… That’s awkward.

How Do I Find Out What CMS a Site is Using?

If you’re not sure if a site is even using WordPress, the quickest way to find out is to use an add-on for your browser that will tell you which CMS is powering a particular website.

Chrome Sniffer is extremely handy for Chrome users. This extension can detect more than 100 popular CMS and JavaScript libraries.