How to Get AP Style Dates and Times on Your WordPress Site

How to Get AP Style Dates and Times on Your WordPress Site

The Associated Press (AP) in the United States provides guidelines that many news organizations and other publications follow. If you are keen on adhering to this style, then that’s easily done by knowing the rules and simply following them when you write your content.

But what about the dates on your site? Yes, there are AP Style rules for dates too.

As you or your writers create your content, you can’t control how the date is outputted on your site. But the AP Style Dates and Times plugin can.

This plugin lets you choose different AP styles for your dates, as well as some common styles that are not etched in stone yet are popular by news organizations nonetheless, such as using the word “Today” instead of the date for items from the current day.

One drawback with this plugin is that you will need to go into your theme’s files and replace the date code with the code provided by the plugin. Another is that it doesn’t seem to automatically hyperlink the dates. And so if you would like that feature, you might also include the original code for the date found in your theme.

Download the AP Style Dates and Times plugin here.   Photo: Calendar from BigStock

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