How to Increase Your Traffic from Facebook by 650% in 5 Seconds

How to Increase Your Traffic from Facebook by 650% in 5 Seconds

There are some secrets that are worth sharing. Over the past few days I’ve been doing some digging into our stats here at WPMU DEV. Today I was looking specifically at our traffic from Facebook. I noticed this odd and rather drastic change.

It started on 22nd March.

Take a look:

Stats increase from 22nd March

Why, all of a sudden, did our traffic from Facebook suddenly spring to life?

After sending only a couple of hundred hits a month we’re into thousands.

Check out this comparison:

comparison between april and march with 650% increase

From 20th February to 20th March we received 435 visits from Facebook.

From 20th March to 20th April we received 3252 visits from Facebook.

That’s an increase of 647.59%!

So what changed? We didn’t see a sudden rise in the people who “Like” us on Facebook. We haven’t changed our regularly posting pattens.

What we did, and what you can do too, was turn off autoposting to Facebook.

We turned off autoposting on 21st March. Our stats increased from 6 visits on 21st March to 73 visits on 22nd March. That’s a major increase overnight.

We’ve often found that our autoposted links have a tendency to disappear from feeds.

Also, when you are autoposting a large amount of content the posts often get mushed up together with a message that says something like “See 6 more like this”.

Like this from Smashing Magazine:


Another tip is to phrase your Facebook posts as a question.

This will increase engagement on your Facebook wall. And this can’t be achieved with autoposting.

If you want to increase your traffic from Facebook it’s definitely worth trying out.

While Sarah or Ronnie or James or I have to manually post to our Facebook account the minimal amount of effort has been worth it.

It’s also improved out engagement with the community which can only be a good thing.

Have you experimented with increasing Facebook traffic in the past? Share some of your findings with us down below.

Aileen Javier

Aileen Javier Aileen has over 10 years of experience in content writing and content marketing. She’s handled content teams, planned editorial calendars, and managed projects. She’s also written blogs, web copy, social media posts, and email newsletters for brands in different industries.