How to Limit the Number of WordPress Widgets Per Sidebar

How to Limit the Number of WordPress Widgets Per Sidebar

By default WordPress allows for unlimited widgets to be added to widgetized areas. This isn’t always ideal, especially when you’re dealing with a limited amount of space in your layout. Perhaps you understand this, but if you’re passing a website off to a client, they may try to cram a million widgets into that area. That’s where the Limit Widgets plugin will come in handy. It allows you to limit the number of widgets an admin can add to the sidebar. This can help to keep clients from adding an unsightly number of widgets which might mess up the look and layout of your beautiful design.

After installing the plugin you’ll have a settings page where you can customize the maximum number of widgets allowed. Once the cap has been reached, the client will be unable to add additional widgets to the sidebar. Here’s an example of a sidebar that is full:

Some clients simply cannot resist exploring the possibilities that WordPress widgets offer and before they
realize what they’re doing, the site is reduced to a jumbled mess of uneven columns.

Install the Limit Widgets plugin to protect the design of that site you’ve spent so long perfecting. It’s really simple, but it could save you some major headache.