How to Post From Google+ to Your WordPress Blog

How to Post From Google+ to Your WordPress Blog

Want to bypass the WordPress post editor and publish posts directly from your Google+ account? If you find yourself gravitating more toward posting on Google+ than to logging into your WordPress blog’s dashboard, then this might be the solution for you. Save yourself a few steps and start posting your Google+ content automatically through to your WordPress blog, with ifttt.

Here’s an example of a post pulled in from Google+:

Follow these simple steps to give yourself the ability to post from your Google+ account. Don’t worry, it won’t post every update – just the public ones that you identify with your chosen #hashtag.

1. Sign up for ifttt.

What is ifttt? It’s a free service that helps you “put the internet to work for you” using an “if this then that” structure of tasks, triggers and actions.

In this tutorial, we’e going to be setting up the following task: “If I post on Google+ using my #hashtag” then “Post that feed item to my WordPress blog as a new post”. It only takes a couple minutes to set up.

The first step is to create an account with ifttt.

2. Activate the WordPress channel.

Channels are services and devices that can be used with the ifttt service. Yes, there is a WordPress channel and you can activate it for your specific blog. Please note that you must enable XML-RPC access to your WordPress site.

3. Turn on the Google+ to WordPress Task.

You can find this task among the many recipes that ifttt offers. Go to the Google+ Post to WordPress recipe.

4. Choose your Trigger #hashtag and add your Google+ ID.

Your Google+ ID is the long number in the URL when you’re viewing your own Google+ profile. Copy and paste it into the trigger feed URL:

You can leave the Action settings as they are. Click Update and your task will be set! Now you can test it by going to Google+ and using your hashtag in an update.

Tasks will be checked once every 15 minutes, so don’t worry if you don’t see your update as a WordPress post right away.

Once you get this set up ifttt will whisk your new Google+ posts straight to WordPress, so you can keep your blog updated without having to leave your Google portal. Go ahead, be productive, even when you’re slacking off.