Ideas Plugin for WordPress: Keep Track of Those Flashes of Inspiration

Ideas Plugin for WordPress: Keep Track of Those Flashes of Inspiration

IdeasBlogging is ultimately an ideas game.

You have to be a creative type. If you’re going to create a successful blog, you must come up with inventive topic ideas that will get people talking.

One thing I have learnt is that if you have an idea, you need to get it down quickly, otherwise you may lose it forever. There are of course many different ways in which you can keep track of ideas. I personally use Evernote.

But what about an ideas database built directly into your WordPress blog? Make saving post ideas as drafts a thing of the past – it’s way too messy. Check out the Ideas plugin instead.

All Your Ideas in One Place

Let me make something clear about this plugin up front – there is nothing spectacular about it. Ideas is a simple, yet functional plugin that can help you keep track of anything related to your blog, on your blog.

Installing this lightweight plugin will result in a custom post type being added to your sidebar:


Adding an idea is really simple. Here’s the screen you will see:


As you can see, the interface is extremely straightforward. There are two boxes – the top one is intended general scribblings, whilst the bottom one is intended for links.

Fortunately, hitting “Publish” will not result in your random musings going live on your blog. Doing so will simply add your idea to your existing library, which can be found by clicking on “Ideas” in the sidebar:


That’s it! The Ideas plugin is far from being a game-changer, but if you are looking for a simple and unobtrusive way of managing your blog post ideas, you could do a lot worse.

Download Ideas.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Caveman Chuck Coker