How to Share Your Instagram Photos on Your WordPress Site

How to Share Your Instagram Photos on Your WordPress Site

If you’re looking for an easy way to post Instagram photos to your WordPress site, forget looking for a plugin – IFTTT offers an even easier way to do it.

You could use the embed code Instagram includes on every individual post page by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner to copy and paste it, which works just fine if you occasionally want to publish photos on your site. But if you want to publish photos or videos as new posts soon as your share them on Instagram, IFTTT is the tool you want. In fact, you can even choose specific photos or videos to be posted by including a tag with the ones you want to send to WordPress, giving you total control over what gets posted.

Here’s how to set it all up.

Getting Started with IFTTT

IFTTT is a service that enables users to connect their personal accounts to certain web apps and generate automatic actions on one app any time another app is triggered. So, if you post a new Instagram photo (the trigger), then a new WordPress post is automatically generated featuring that photo (the action).

If you don’t have an IFTTT account, you can easily sign up for one for free. Just head on over to, click the blue Sign Up button in the top right corner, enter your email address and choose a password.

Once you’ve signed into your account, you have to connect both your Instagram account and your WordPress account to IFTTT. These are are called “channels.”

Click on Channels in the top menu. You can either start typing “Instagram” into the search field, or scroll down through all the apps to find it.

Click on the Instagram icon and then click on the blue Connect button to be taken through the process of integrating your account with IFTTT.

IFTTT Instagram Connect
Hit that big blue button.

Now we can take a look at some of the different ways to post Instagram content to WordPress. The first one involves posting all new photos and videos immediately to WordPress.

Publishing All New Posts from Your Instagram Feed to WordPress

When you use a trigger to generate an action with IFTTT, it’s called a “recipe.” You can create your own recipes if you want, which we’ll briefly touch on at the end of this article, but you might as well take advantage of the wide range of existing recipes that have been created by other users for anyone else to use too.

Click Browse in the top menu to search for specific recipes or look through recipes that have been recommended. To post all new Instagram photos and videos to WordPress, we’ll use the popular existing recipe, Instagram to Blog.

Click Connect and you’ll be taken to a new page with some customizable fields. For this particular recipe, the title of the WordPress post will be the caption that’s included with the Instagram post, but you can delete this or change it to whatever you want.

Once you've connected your Instagram and WordPress accounts, you can add titles, tags, categories and other details.
Once you’ve connected your Instagram and WordPress accounts, you can add titles, tags, categories and other details.

For example, you may want to move {{caption}} so that the Instagram caption is included in the WordPress caption field instead of the title.

If you want to change anything, just click in the box and look for blue ingredients icon, which enables you to choose some of the Instagram components that you can customize.

You can even scroll down to enter the categories and tags for your new Instagram WordPress posts, and you can select whether you’d like it published immediately, saved as a draft, or published privately. Click Add when you’re done.

The recipe can be accessed anytime by clicking My Recipes in the top menu. You can edit it whenever you want, view its log, check it to make sure it’s running smoothly or even turn it off without deleting it permanently.

Now whenever you post a new photo or video on Instagram, it should appear on your WordPress site within a few minutes (after the recipe has had time to check for posts) along with the information from the fields you customized.

Using Tags to Publish Specific Posts to WordPress

For users who want more control over which Instagram posts do and don’t get posted to WordPress, there’s the Instagram photos tagged #wp to WordPress post recipe. The addition of the #wp tag is what tells IFTTT exactly what to post.

In this recipe, you’ll notice the addition of the Instagram tag field, which includes “wp” by default. You can change the tag to anything you want if you’d prefer to tag your posts with something other than #wp.

Adding tags to your photos allows you to auto-publish only specific photos.
Adding tags to your photos allows you to auto-publish only specific photos.

Again, once you’ve finished making any necessary changes to the given fields, you can click Add to activate the recipe. Any time you want to an Instagram post to be published to your WordPress site, you just have to remember to include the #wp tag (or whichever tag you used in the recipe.

This is the recipe you want to use if you know you only want to publish specific photos or videos to your site. But what about publishing just photos? Or just videos?

The next two recipes will show you how to post just one of the two post types from Instagram.

Publishing Only Photos or Videos to WordPress

If you’d like to publish all photos, but not videos (or vice versa) to WordPress, you can do it without needing to add a tag. For photo posts only, you can use the New photo by Instagram user, create new WordPress post recipe.

Customize the fields however you like then click Add. New photos you post to Instagram will be published on WordPress, but new videos will not.

For the reverse, the Instagram video to WordPress blog recipe is the one you’ll want to use. New videos you post to Instagram will be published on WordPress, while new photos will be left out.

Creating Your Own Instagram to WordPress Recipe

All of the recipes we’ve covered are great options if you’re just looking to get something set up nice and quick, but if you want your recipe to include something specific or function in a certain manner, then you may want to consider just making your own. That way, you can choose the fields you do or don’t want to include.

To start creating your own, click your username in the top menu and select Create from the dropdown. IFTTT will then take you through the process of creating your recipe.

Create IFTTT Recipe
Getting creative with IFTTT.

First, click on the blue this link and choose your trigger channel. Since this article is all about integrating Instagram with WordPress, you’ll choose Instagram.

Now comes the fun part. IFTTT will pull up a grid of options to select as your trigger.

Instagram triggers include:

  • New photos by you
  • New photos by you with a specific hashtag
  • New photos by you in a specific geographical area
  • You liking another photo
  • New photos by a specific user
  • New photo by any other users sharing public posts in a specific geographical area
  • New photos by any other users using a specific hashtag
  • New videos by you
    New videos by you with a specific hashtag
  • You liking a video
  • New videos by a specific user
  • New videos by any other users with a specific hashtag

You have all sorts of options here, including the opportunity to publish Instagram posts that aren’t your own to your WordPress site. As an example, let’s say we want to publish new photos posted by anyone in a specific geographical area.

Click the box labeled New photo by anyone in area. In this case, IFTTT will ask to know your location so it can give you a map of your nearby area, which you can drag around to position right. You can even use the plus or minus sign buttons to enlarge or minimize the area you want to include.

IFTTT Instagram Map
Awesome trigger options.

Click Create Trigger to move on to the next step.

Next, click on the blue that link to choose your action channel. Obviously, for this example, we’re going to choose WordPress.

You can choose to create either a regular WordPress blog post, or a photo post.

IFTTT WordPress Post
Pick your poison.

Let’s click Create a photo post for this one.

Now you can fill in all the fields with the ingredients that you want. The first three fields have ingredients that are automatically suggested, but feel free to delete or change anything to make it work just the way you want.

Click Create Action when you’re done. If you picked a relatively popular location where photos from other users are posted quite often with the location tag, then you should start noticing new photos from other users show up on your WordPress site very shortly after IFTTT checks it.

If you want to see how else you can integrate Instagram with your WordPress site, check out these 12 Instagram Plugins for WordPress Worth Installing. If you’d rather not feature each individual Instagram post as a new WordPress post, these plugins give you some different options for displaying posts as a gallery in widgetized areas or anywhere else on your site.

Wrapping Up

By featuring Instagram posts on your WordPress site, your site automatically becomes more visually appealing, and it may even help draw in more followers for you. There’s no problem with manually embedding a photo or video into WordPress here and there when it’s called for, but when you automate simple tasks like this, you’ll wonder why you never decided to do it sooner.

Do you use any tools like IFTTT or a specific plugin to integrate Instagram with your WordPress site? If so, which one? And how do you like using it? Leave a comment below and let us know.