Instagrate: An Easy Way to Integrate WordPress with Instagram

Instagrate: An Easy Way to Integrate WordPress with Instagram

Earlier this year we introduced you to Instagrate, a free WordPress plugin that brings your Instagram images into WordPress. Since that time Polevaultweb has released a Pro version of the plugin in order to maintain the support and development of the free plugin. Instagrate Pro is aiming to be the best plugin to integrate Instagram images with WordPress.

Instagrate Pro has a number of powerful new features:

  • Unlimited Instagram accounts
  • Scheduled posting
  • Hashtag posting of any photo
  • Hashtag filtering on own and feed photos
  • Posting of multiple images in a single post
  • Gallery support of multiple images
  • Hashtags converted to post tags
  • Custom post type support
  • Google Map integration for locations
  • Full plugin support

Whether you’re serious about your mobile photography, an Instagram fanatic, or simply need a tool to display Instagram galleries neatly, this plugin provides the easiest way to integrate your photos with your WordPress site. It also works great for automatically backing up your Instagram account using WordPress.

Instagrate allows you to set the post type for where the image will be created. The default is post, but you can also select to use pages or custom post types.

The plugin’s options panel is very easy to use and allows you to configure virtually every aspect of how it works, including hashtag filtering, scheduling, posts titles, debugging, and more.

Instagrate Pro is priced at just $35, which is a steal, considering all the options built into the plugin and its continual development and professional support. Check out the plugin in action with some demos and grab your copy today.