Introducing the Best Value Backup Storage Plans for WordPress (and Multisite!)

Introducing the Best Value Backup Storage Plans for WordPress (and Multisite!)

Today we’re announcing all-new managed backup plans to help our super users who manage large websites and heavy duty Multisite networks.

All WPMU DEV members already get 10GB of cloud storage space included in their membership, which can be used to backup unlimited websites.

We’re now offering four new storage plans, which are not only cheap as chips but are the best value storage plans for WordPress. Period.

Choosing the Right Storage Plan for You

Thousands of WPMU DEV members schedule terabytes of data for automatic backups each week. Having website backups is a no-brainer, really – you should always be ready for the unexpected, whether you need to recover quickly after accidentally deleting a file, experience hardware failure or you get hacked.

It’s recommended you keep at last three backups of each of your websites from the past three weeks. Currently, when members hit 100% of their 10GB quota, their oldest backups are routinely deleted to make room for new backups that are created. So if you are backing up multiple websites with large files, you can quickly run out of space and lose key backups if you don’t have enough storage.

Our plans provide peace of mind at the right price.

Managed backup storage plans

For just $10 a month, you can get 100GB of storage space. Seriously, how good’s that?

How to Upgrade Your Storage Plans

To upgrade your storage plan:

1. Go to The Hub.

2. In the My Websites section at the top, click the cloud icon next to any of your websites.

3. Next to Additional Storage, click the Add Storage button.

Additional storage options

4. Choose the storage option you would like to use.

Add storage

5. Click Pay Now to confirm your upgrade and start using your new storage quota.

Taking the Confusion Out of WordPress Managed Backups Since 2017

We know we’re entering a competitive space already dominated by long-time storage services such as Updraft Plus, Jetpack / VaultPress, BackupBuddy and BackWPup.

So why should you choose us over them?

Our aim is to take the limits and confusion out of managed backups for WordPress AND offer simple, competitive pricing plans that make backing up websites affordable for everyone.

How WPMU DEV Compares to the Competition

While Jetpack / VaultPress offers unlimited storage space, it’s only for one site.

BackupBuddy allows you to backup unlimited sites, but has a 1GB limit on storage space for $150 a year. Updraft Plus also only offers 1GB of storage space and costs $145 for unlimited licenses.

If you want to backup 100 websites to BackWPup, it’ll cost you $349. And it’s not even clear how much storage space you get for your money.

Updraft, BackWPup and VaultPress each supports Multisite, but we are the only managed backup service that supports unlimited Multisite hosting.

Each of our plans includes:

# Backup Unlimited Websites

Backup as many websites as you want. Say, for example, you choose the 100GB plan. You could backup 1 website or 100. So long as you don’t run over your 110GB quota (including the 10GB you get as a member), you can backup as many websites as your heart desires.

# Backup Unlimited Multisite Networks

We’re the Multisite experts, so whether you’re running one network or 100, we’ve got you covered. Backup as many networks as you want within your storage quota. And if you need more space to accommodate more networks, you can always upgrade to another plan. Easy.

# One-Click Restore

Woken up to find your site was hacked overnight? Or accidentally deleted your functions.php file?

It’s easy to restore any of your managed backups from The Hub. Just click the cloud icon next to the backup file you wish to restore and get your site back up and running just like it was yesterday.

# Set and Forget with Automatic Backups

Schedule your backups to run daily, weekly or monthly at a time that suits you, whether it’s 1am when your team isn’t accessing your website or 3pm when users in another country aren’t visiting your site.

Set, forget, and rest assured there’s always a recent backup of your site when emergencies happen.

And if you want to manually backup your site after making a large update, or just because, you can do that, too.

# Choose How Many Backups to Keep

While it’s recommended you keep at least three backups of your site, you can choose to keep just one or as many as 100 backups.

# Keep Track with Log Files

For the conscientious admins out there, log files are available so you can keep track of details of your backups.

Build on AWS for Reliability and Scalability

We’ve built this service on the back of Amazon Web Services, so you can rest easy that your files are being safely backed up to one of the most reliable cloud infrastructure services in the world.

And, to be honest, we’re not really making a profit from our new storage plans. AWS is an inexpensive service so we’re passing on the savings to you. We simply want to provide a solid managed backup service to our members.

Questions? Feedback?

If you’re already a member, head over to The Hub now and upgrade your storage plan now, or just check out what’s available.

If you have any questions about our managed backup plans, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with our support team.

And, as always, if you have any feedback or a feature request, let us know in the comments below!

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