Introducing the all new WPMU DEV

Introducing the all new WPMU DEV

So, we’ve been pretty busy over the last few months, working like deranged lemurs to crank you out a brand new WPMU DEV, and it’s not just new in the ‘it looks completely different’ sense either, but just cos I *know* that’s all everyone’s going to talk about first off, here are the highlights…

Yep, new logo!

We’ve ditched the red

It’s been fun, but I think it’s time we moved out of the angry adolescent stage, stopped painting our walls black and grew up a bit in the palette stakes.

Old Red:

New Blue:


We’ve upped the sophist

As if the above wasn’t nice enough we’ve tried to give as good a going over as possible to all of the plugin listings too:

Yes, it’s pretty isn’t it… try clicking on the screenshots too, that’s even prettier!

(although we could do with some more screenshots there too)

And we’re not done yet

Absolutely. Completely. Not. Complete.

Over the next month (and beyond) I reckon you can expect:

  • Some radical new takes on the front page
  • Other huge improvement to significant pages
  • Massive improvements in our plugin documentation and content
  • Some suhweet videos
  • And a ton more, a lot of it informed by AB testing… looking forward to telling you more about it soon

But, I was talking about stuff other than looks wasn’t I, well, there’s just a bit of that to….

You can now actually find stuff

Yep, we’ve finally fixed search… go wild!


Getting help and support is now, well, amazing

A massive part of this relaunch has been focused around doing support really really well, so now, when you want to post a ticket, here’s what it’s like:

And there are amazing things coming to Live Support, our Manuals and more… very, very soon.

Seeya forums, hello community

We’re completely transforming the community section of DEV from ‘Likes’ to fancy badges to in-line replies (coming soon)  we’ve got one aim here, make it the bestest place to talk WordPress in the whole wide web.


And there’s more, so much more, we’ll keep you informed about it as we go and through a variety of posts here.

So go have a click around the new DEV, oh, and become a member too :)

And next up, Sarah’s got the real true amazing highlight… something that’s really gonna knock your socks off.