Introducing Xi: A Responsive BuddyPress Theme – Plus Exclusive Discount Code

Introducing Xi: A Responsive BuddyPress Theme – Plus Exclusive Discount Code

Theme Loom is a smaller theme shop with just a handful of themes, but their latest one has gotten our attention. They have added BuddyPress support to the Xi theme, which runs on HTML5 and CSS3 and is built to respond to your browser’s size and capabilities.

Responsive Web Design is an answer to the ever growing variety of devices and screen resolutions. If you want to make sure your WordPress site looks good on different devices, then you need to be using a responsive theme.

Xi is a clean, simple theme with a lot of unique features for customizing your community:

  • Color & Background Options – select colors for header, footer and page background, as well as a texture for each. Upload your own logo and favicon.
  • Typography Options – access to the Google Fonts Library for body and header text
  • Loads of Built-in Widgets – makes use of widgets for events, posts, pages and tweets
  • Built-in Event Management – custom post type for managing events

Here’s a screenshot of the default Xi theme with BuddyPress addded in:

Check out a demo of the Xi theme with BuddyPress. You can resize your browser to simulate how your site should respond for various devices.

Tim Hyde, the creator of the Xi theme, has kindly offered readers a discount if you purchase this month. Use discount code WPMUDISCOUNTJULY11 at checkout you will get the theme for $35 instead of $50. The code will be valid until end of August. Grab your copy and let us know what you think.