Retiring and Releasing (for Free) Our WP for iOS and Android Apps

Retiring and Releasing (for Free) Our WP for iOS and Android Apps

Eighteen months ago, we introduced WP for iOS and WP for Android, enabling members to build beautiful and professional smartphone apps for WordPress.

These apps have been especially helpful for members who develop client sites or run Multisite networks, as they have been able to provide their clients or users the means to manage their WordPress site using their phone.

WP for Android
WP for Android

However, the iOS and Android platforms have changed considerably since we first released these apps.

WP for Android was originally built using Eclipse, which was great at the time, but has since been replaced with Android Studio as the official Android developer tool.

The iOS app, meanwhile, relies on PODS, which has caused issues, and while the app works fine with iOS 7, it’s incompatible with recent releases of iOS.

These reasons have made it difficult for us to continue maintaining these apps. After careful consideration, we have decided to retire WP for iOS and WP for Android.

Both apps are now available for free for anyone to download, and include documentation:

WP for iOS

WP for Android

What About Support?

If you do decide to use these apps, they come “as is.” We’ve updated the documentation to help get you started, but if you use them you do so at your own risk.

WP for Android
WP for Android

In terms of support, if you’re a WPMU DEV members you are never on your own – we’ve always got your back.

However, if you are not a member, we can only provide limited support and can’t guarantee timely help when you need it.

Onward and Upward

Our focus has, and always will be, on delivering quality plugins and themes for WordPress – not wasting time trying to keep up with the ever changing iOS and Android environment.

Building solid plugins is our core business and while we can’t announce anything just now, we look forward to sharing more exciting plugin news in the near future.

If you have any questions about these apps, feel free to ask away in the comments below.