How To Keep Users Logged in to Your WordPress Site

How To Keep Users Logged in to Your WordPress Site

Have you ever logged into a site only to be kicked out again just minutes later? It can be a real drag.

So when creating your own WordPress site, you don’t want your users to get similarly frustrated.

In this quick tip post, I’ll show you an easy way to keep your users logged in to your site.

Keep Remember Me Checked

Branda is a handy, versatile, and lightweight WPMU DEV plugin, and what we’ll be using today.

The plugin automatically ticks the “Remember Me” checkbox on the login page, like so:

Remember Me Checked
Branda is a simple and essential white label plugin for WordPress.

This helpful feature saves your users the hassle of ticking the “Remember Me” box themselves. While it may seem inconsequential, forgetting to tick the box is an easy enough thing to do. Have you ever clicked “Log In” only to regret it moments later when you remember you have forgotten to tick “Remember Me”?

Ensuring your site automatically remembers your users and keeps them logged in will save them the headache of constantly logging back into your site each time their session times out.

Keeping users logged in also ensures they’re less likely to forget or lose their password and hassle you for a reminder.

Of course, it’s good to keep in mind that users who use a shared or public computer will need to log out so as not to compromise their account with you.

With Branda It’s Easy

When installing and setting up Branda activate the “Login Screen” module. Under “Content” toggle the “From” option. this will give you the option to both hide or show the “Remember Me” field and set the default value to “Checked”.

Branda Remember Me Checked setting
Change the default setting to “Checked” in Branda.

It’s literally that easy!

If you haven’t tried Branda, download it for free from the WordPress free plugin repository. Yes, that’s right…free!

Have you ever had issues with users forgetting passwords? Tell us in the comments below.
Raelene Morey
Raelene Morey Rae is a writer and blogger working out of Melbourne, Australia.