WordPress Question: How Can You Make BuddyPress Load Faster?

WordPress Question: How Can You Make BuddyPress Load Faster?

How to improve load speed in BuddyPress and WordPressAre you experienced with BuddyPress? This is another interesting question that came up during our WordPress Q & A last week.

Submitted by a WPMU reader named Kris:

We are running WordPress MU and BuddyPress as one blog setup, but the site seems to be quite slow.

Would it make it faster if we had a two separate installations? One for our WordPress blog (with all the content etc..), and another installation for users to access Buddypress. A single login would need to work across both of these sites.

I assume this would make both sites load faster, as some plugins are needed only for WordPress, and some are specific to BuddyPress.

Are there any other benefits/drawbacks to this idea that I’m not aware of?


Can anyone help Kris out with this? If you know a thing or two about BuddyPress, please leave us a comment below this article and share your thoughts. In the spirit of Christmas!

Thanks for the photo: Bioxid.

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