Make Your Articles Embeddable on Other Sites Like Videos

Make Your Articles Embeddable on Other Sites Like Videos

Everyone understands embedding videos on websites, but did you know you can let others embed your articles as well? The Repost Us plugin lets you do just that.

This plugin lets you add a button to your posts that will alert readers that it’s available for syndication/embedding on other sites. takes care of the rest.



The settings are simple and straight forward – just choose your button style, the position for it, and then you have a few more options.


The Result

Here’s what the result looks like.


Important Points about Syndication with

Below are some of the more important points to know about using this plugin and how your content will be handled when it’s posted on other sites.

  • It will automatically contain a link back to your post.
  • Your text will NOT be in the other site’s HTML (therefore the other site is not picking up search traffic from it that may have gone to you).
  • Your content cannot be edited or changed by the other site.
  • You can select to include photos, videos, etc. or not with your post.
  • You can select to turn syndication on or off for individual posts.
  • When you change the original article on your site, it also changes on the site that’s embedding it.
  • If you like, you can only allow certain pre-approved sites to syndicate your posts.
  • You can include advertising with your content.
  • You can charge others for the right to syndicate your content ( takes 30%).


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