Manage Outbound Links from Your Entire WordPress Site All at Once

Manage Outbound Links from Your Entire WordPress Site All at Once

If you have the need to manage the outbound links on your site long after you set them up, then the Outbound Links Manager plugin may be just what you’re looking for.

This plugin helps you keep tabs on all the links that point from your site to other sites. You can easily add or remove nofollow tags as well as remove a link altogether (but keep the anchor text in place). You can perform both of these actions on many different links in bulk.

The plugin also allows you to edit the code of the link, adding target values, adding styles, editing image source code for image links, etc.

Another nice feature of the plugin is that you can sort and filter links by categories and dates.

The great convenience of this plugin is that you don’t need to go digging into individual posts or pages searching for your links. All your links from all your posts and pages are laid out right there in front of you in a an easy to manage fashion.

You can find the Outbound Link Manager plugin here.

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