Me on Mixergy

Me on Mixergy

Ever wondered how Edublogs, and WPMU DEV got off the ground?

Where we’re going next, and why we’re looking at those approaches from a business perspective?

Well, in that case you’re going to enjoy an 80 minute video I did with, I reckon, one of the best interviewers I’ve ever come across (Andrew Warner) on Mixergy the other day:

There’s a bunch about our history, who we are, why we’re doing it and my plans to make 3D models of people that come to Melbourne.

Also, how I’m an absolutely terrible employee… so I’m hoping that this marks the ‘no turning back’ point as I very much doubt I’d pick up much work after revelations like this ;)

Any questions / comments / feedback lemme know, I’ll be happy to elaborate as much as I can :)