More than 40 Keyboard Shortcuts to Use in the WordPress Editor

More than 40 Keyboard Shortcuts to Use in the WordPress Editor

If you’re like me, once you get used to a keyboard shortcut, you never go back.

WordPress has a number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use when writing your posts. The majority of them are conveniently placed in the help section on the editor itself.

Just click the Help icon, and then go to the Hotkeys tab.

More Shortcuts / Hotkeys

The list in the Hotkeys section on the editor has a lot of the basic shortcuts; however, there are some more you may be interested in.

H1 Header: CTRL+1

H2 Header: CTRL+2

H3 Header: CTRL+3

H4 Header: CTRL+4

H5 Header: CTRL+5

H6 Header: CTRL+6

Paragraph: CTRL+7

Format: CTRL+8

Address: CTRL+9

Advanced Editor (Kitchen Sink): Alt+SHIFT+z

Go to End: Ctrl+End

Go to Top: Ctrl+Home


3 More Shortcuts

I also came across the Mind Valley Shortcut Framework plugin, which adds three more shortcuts to the editor:

Publish: Ctrl+Alt+p

Save Draft: Ctrl+Alt+s

Preview: Ctrl+Alt+l

If you know of any other shortcuts, let us know in the comments.

Photo: abstract keyboard ball from BigStock

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