How to Move WordPress Comments from One Post to Another

How to Move WordPress Comments from One Post to Another

There are a number of reasons why you might want to move comments from one post to another.

Suppose you are writing a new version of a post and plan on redirecting the old one. That’s fine and easy to do, but of course the comments don’t get transferred when the post is redirected.

Another reason may be that you’d like to test out two versions of a post in a kind of manual A/B testing. As long as you rename the replacement permalink with the same URL, things like tweets will continue to show even though the new post has a different ID in WordPress. Comments, however, will not.

Another possibility that comes to mind is that a reader (or maybe even you) accidentally leave a comment on the wrong post. You were reading one post, then moved on to another post, but you got the details of the two mixed up. The result is a comment that seems to make no sense.

Those are a few possibilities off the top of my head.

In any case, moving comments from one post to another is not possible out of the box in WordPress.

As usually, however, there’s a plugin that will do it for you. And one I found that seems to work very well is the Tako Mobable Comments plugin.



Tako Movable Comments

The Tako Movable Comments plugin will let you do all of the following:

  • Move comments from a post to post or from a page to a page
  • Move comments from a post to a page or vice versa
  • Move comments to or from custom post types to posts and pages
  • Move threaded/nested comments
  • Move comments in bulk

Let’s take a look at how it works.

You can see in the screenshot below that I am moving a comment from a post called “Replace #2” to “Replace #1.”


And here you can see both comments now under the same post.


If you have the need to move a number of comments, that’s just as easy. Simply go to the comments section, select all that you need to move, then use the Bulk Actions dropdown at the top of the table.

You will see a “Move Comments” option at the bottom. Select that. Click “Apply.” And you will then have the option to move all those comments to another post (keeping threaded/nested comments in order as well).



And that’s it. This plugin should come in very handy when the need arises. You might want to keep it in your back pocket in case the need arises for you.