My top SEO / CRO / marketing posts of the last 3 or so years

My top SEO / CRO / marketing posts of the last 3 or so years

I’ve been meaning forever to sort out my SEO / Marketing bookmarks folder, but am never able to get motivated :(

However, it occurred to me that if I could both do that and share it with other folk here on that’d could actually make it fun… plus it’d save me going through the list again and again picking out articles for friends… I can just email them this :)

So, without further ado, I’ve opened up 100+ tabs all at the same time, and present you with the most important, valuable and interesting SEO / CRO / marketing posts of the last 3 years.

Keen to know what kind of things we’re doing here at, WPMU DEV or Edublogs… look no further!

The Emotions that make us Link – Great guide by Rand of SEOMoz to inspiring some linktribution

Subscribe vs Get + meaning – How to multiple the effectiveness of your mail signups by saying ‘Get Jobs by email’ rather than ‘Subscribe by email’

Popovers can be stunningly effective when it comes to email subbscription too – Gotta tell you, the temptation to introduce popovers back here at for the email list or DEV advertising is pretty strong!

Great list of useful PPC articles – This is one you’ve got to keep if you are *ever* considering adwords!

Highrise headline tests – Great AB testing stuff from the 37signals folk, something we need to do more of and better, and that if you are not already doing, you should be!

Remember to ask for links from your suppliers – Duh moment, makes perfect sense

Target longtail keywords first – Something we’ve inadvertently done, very well, but I’d like to get better at, systematically speaking

SEO mistakes to avoid – Nice and simple

21 CRO case studies – for when just the 37 signals stuff is not enough!

Converting free users to paid users – Invaluable, if you have or are thinking about a freemium model

How to earn links and tweets – Straightforward, sensible strategies for how to wright linkworthy content

10 sure fire headline formulas that work – They sure do!

The top 150 in linked posts at SEOMoz & what makes a linkworthy post– Great breakdown of what kind of posts, in the web development (i.e. our) industry get links

Offer testimonials, get links – Duh :) But have you done it?

An easy way to boost yourself up Google local – I give this to all my friends with local websites, and use it myself on some I volunteer on

Building the SEOMOz join page – A good join landing page can more than double your conversions! Here’s their ‘secret’ pdf that details the whole page too.

SEOMoz conversion rate lessons – Simply brilliant, invaluable

The Science of Influence and Persuasion – Illustrated!

Running giveaway contests for links and SEO – Anyone for a free annual WPMU DEV account? ;)

Going freemium, the first year – If you’re not studying Mailchimp’s success, you shouldn’t be in this business!

Hands on link building – A good selection of ideas and approaches

Rand Fishkin interview – Same as with mailchimp, the SEOMoz business model is amazingly fantastic, learn from it!

How to kill your conversions – Great conversion mistakes you can (and probably do) make

6 technical SEO tips – All good, too

Getting your users / community to build links for you – Some good uns in this too, expect to see some community goodness coming DEVs way soon too

Launching a new site in 18 steps – Exactly what it says it is, save this and send it to any friends not familiar with the business who are starting a new site.

Sign up vs Learn More vs Join us now vs Sign up Now –  Spoiler… ‘Learn more’ gets you $60m more in donations :)

0 – 100,000 not as hard as you might think – Good interview with the RISE chap, I like this cos it’s achievable growth, not nutso one-of-a-kind

10 Adword strategies – Nothing wrong with adverts :)

Don’t be afraid to use a phone number – it could really, really help

Perfecting keyword targeting and on page optimization – like it or lump it, on page stuff is *important*

10 Little Known Factors that Affect Your Conversion Rate – Apparently, I think you can take a few with a grain of salt but there are some good ones here

Inbound marketing for startups – Nice set of slides, well worth a look

Human photos double your conversion rate – Y’know, I bet they actually do… or at least help out!

SEO tips for writing copy – good guide for writers

So there ya go, that’s the wheat from the chaff and I hope you enjoyed it :)

If you’ve got any others you’d like to share please feel free to post them in the comments, otherwise, happy marketing!

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