Organize WordPress Posts By Color

Organize WordPress Posts By Color

Do your eyes ever go googly from looking at a long list of posts in the WordPress post management screen? Sorting through posts can be especially difficult on multi-author WordPress sites where the majority of the content has been created by an author other than yourself.

Color My Posts is a new plugin by WordPress developer Remi Corson. It was created to help you visually see the difference between the posts in your dashboard.

The Color My Posts plugin lets you organize posts in the WordPress admin based on the following criteria:

  • Post Status
  • Post Format
  • Post ID
  • Post Categories
  • Post Types
  • Post Tags
  • Author
  • Atom

So, for example, you could make all published posts green and make drafts blue. You could give each author their own post color. If there’s a certain category you want to highlight, you can do that, too. It’s like applying your own labels to WordPress posts and it makes everything easier to find. Download Color My Posts for free from the WordPress plugin repository and start organizing your post management screen for greater efficiency.