Organize Your Recipes Using WordPress

Organize Your Recipes Using WordPress

The holidays are coming and it’s time to get your recipes in order! ReciPress is the newest plugin available for putting WordPress to work for you as a CMS for organizing recipes. Want to create a structured recipe blog? Not a problem! ReciPress makes that easy by providing the exact custom meta boxes that you’ll need for creating recipe content.

Check out the beautiful output from this plugin for recipe styling:

Pretty attractive right out of the box, isn’t it? The plugin also comes with a dark theme for recipes:

ReciPress is quite a robust tool for food blogging, featuring:

  • Custom meta box to create a recipe with the following fields: photo, title, summary, cuisine, course, skill level, yield, servings, prep time, cook time, ingredients, and instructions.
  • Sortable ingredient rows with fields for amount, measurement, ingredient, and notes
  • Ingredient suggestion just like post tags to prevent duplication
  • Sortable, numbered instructions
  • Custom taxonomies for Ingredients, Cuisines, Courses, and Skill Levels
  • Output automatically or with a shortcode
  • Three basic recipe themes to choose from
  • Supports themes with or without post-thumbnails for a recipe photo selection
  • hRecipe optimized for Search Engine Optimization

Once ReciPress is installed, adding a recipe is an option when creating WordPress posts:

Please be advised that ReciPress is an initial release. This means that while the core functionality should work, the developer is still working on a few additional features and testing it in multiple environments. He plans to polish up the options page, add plural and singular measurement options, contextual help, localization, and custom sidebar widgets for:

  • Listing recipes
  • Cuisines
  • Courses
  • Skill levels
  • Ingredient cloud

If you are running a high traffic, professional cooking blog, you may want to check out, where a pro version will soon be available. Enter your email to be notified of when it’s available. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the free version, available for download at the WordPress plugin repository.