Managed WordPress Hosting Company Acquires BlogDroid

Managed WordPress Hosting Company Acquires BlogDroid

The world of managed WordPress hosting seems to be getting more crowded by the day; however, it recently became a little more consolidated as announced it has recently acquired BlogDroid in an all cash purchase.

BlogDroid, based out of East Berlin, Connecticut, started in 2012. is based in Chandler, Arizona and was started in 2009 by husband and wife team Joshua and Sally Strebel.

The front page.

So what happens to BlogDroid customers? According to, “Customers will move from the existing BlogDroid infrastructure to the Managed WordPress hosting platform. will manage the domain name, and the BlogDroid team will provide assistance during the transition process.”

Says CEO Joshua Strebel, “BlogDroid is a great acquisition to swell our ranks of happy customers. They will find a good home on our expanding service. Managed WordPress is what we do. We have future plans for the domain in that regard.”

According to BlogDroid co-founder Karen Jackie, the BlogDroid team will be assisting the team “in making sure every customer has a seamless moving experience.”