Want More Twitter Traffic For Your Blog? Pay With A Tweet!

Want More Twitter Traffic For Your Blog? Pay With A Tweet!

Pay With A TweetI have got a real quick tip for you today, but it is an extremely effective method of boosting traffic to your blog. We are going to leverage the currency of Twitter (tweets) in order to drive traffic.

It is really simple – just publish a post on your blog offering some sort of product (be it an eBook, an audio file, or something else) in return for a tweet promoting that same product. This is easily done with Pay With A Tweet. Simply enter the relevant details, place the code in your post, and this button will appear:

Pay With A Tweet

People will will tweet out a link to your blog post in order to get your product, and hey presto! Instant Twitter traffic. I recently used this on my own blog to great effect, so I know that it works well. I have just one further pointer – this strategy is best used when your blog is established – because if you only have a few readers, you are unlikely attract many tweets.

Creative Commons image courtesy of houdini_cs


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