New Plugin Adds a WYSIWYG Editor to Text Widgets in WordPress

New Plugin Adds a WYSIWYG Editor to Text Widgets in WordPress

Do you ever wish you could you could add the power of the WordPress WYSIWG post editor to your plain old text widgets? If you prefer a more guided experience plus the ability to add rich media, you’re going to love the new WYSIWYG Widgets plugin.

It functions exactly like the plain text widgets but with the added ability to make use of the WYSIWYG / rich-text editor, just as you would in the post editor screen.

WYSIWYG Widgets come packed full of features:

  • WYSIWYG / Rich-text / TinyMCE widget editor
  • Insert media like images or video into your widgets
  • Create stunning widget content without having to know any HTML
  • Create easy lists in your widgets
  • Use WP Links to easily link to any of your pages or posts from a widget

Check out a screenshot showing examples of what you can do with WYSIWYG Widgets:

If you don’t know HTML, then adding videos or images, lists or any text with formatting can be confusing inside a regular text widget.

This plugin takes the guess work out of it and give you the full power of WordPress editing when working with widgets.

Download your WYSIWYG Widgets for free today from the WordPress plugin repository.

Have you tried the WYSIWYG Widget plugin? Let us know in the comments below.

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