Poll: What do you want to read about?

Poll: What do you want to read about?

Hi! My name is Patrick and you may have noticed my name in a few recent posts, and there will be many more to come. My goal is to start bringing a bit more a technical content to the site, things like my first article: How to Setup Your Own Nginx Powered WordPress Server. I feel that there are a lot of people in the WPMU.org audience that wish this content was here and now we are going to make that happen. There is just one flaw in my master plan. I know what is important to me, but how do I know that it is going to be helpful for you?

I can write these articles until my fingers fall off but if they are not helpful to you then what is the point? So now I’m asking you to help me help you. While WordPress will be the primary target you don’t have to stay strictly within that circle. Take my second post as a good example: How to Setup a Web Server with Three Commands. So my question to is:

What would you like to see in future WPMU.org posts?

Cast your vote below, or comments with more ideas below!

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