PressTrends Officially Launches New WordPress Design and Development Tracking Service

PressTrends Officially Launches New WordPress Design and Development Tracking Service

If you’re in the business of WordPress, then PressTrends is a new free service you’ll want to check out. After conducting a private beta period, PressTrends officially launched last week. It’s is a new tool that enables developers, designers, blogs and content creators to gain valuable insights and performance metrics.

PressTrends in a nutshell:

Currently, PressTrends offers theme authors the ability to track adoption, usage, and interactions within themes and garner insights and trends from various metrics. This enables theme authors to learn what works and what doesn’t in an effort to built better themes and in the end, a better web.

PressTrends is far more than a WordPress marketing measurement tool. Given that WordPress powers roughly 15% of the web, it offers a fairly comprehensive picture of how people are interacting with sites across the web.

What can you do with PressTrends?

Essentially, you can set up themes and blogs with PressTrends tracking which delivers valuable information:

  • Track adoption from month-to-month & isolate trends and life-spans within themes and theme categories.
  • Track usage across different metrics for better insights and learn how your themes are being managed.
  • Track interactions and trends across several metrics including aggregated posts, comments, and plugins.

Check out the demo video for a quick tour.

Last week I checked in with PressTrends and they were receiving insights from over 5,700+ sites and were projecting to be well over 6,000 this week.

What kind of data does PressTrends provide?

Here’s a recent example of some community stats gathered with the PressTrends API:

  • Average active plugins: 5
  • Average published posts:23
  • Average approved comments: 43
  • Average comment-to-post ratio: 1.9
  • Average theme abandonment percentage: 37%

This is extremely valuable information for anyone who aspires to create WordPress themes, launch successful blogs, or compete for client work in the WordPress community.

If you’re using it to track and monitor your blog, the PressTrends plugin makes it easy to get hooked up with their service as well as stay current on updates. Download it from the WordPress repository. It offers metrics for posts, comments, plugins and shows a comparison vs. the community.

Are you already using PressTrends? Let us know in the comments how it’s changed your WordPress business.