PrettyPhoto Zoom Plugin Adds Image Zooming to WordPress

PrettyPhoto Zoom Plugin Adds Image Zooming to WordPress

Certain kinds of websites really need the flexibility of being able to show a larger version of images posted on click. This is especially important for photography, e-commerce, and portfolio sites that tend to have more detailed images. PrettyPhoto Zoom is a plugin for WordPress that gives you the ability to add automatic zoom on a per image basis.

Here’s an example of the plugin in action:

After you’ve installed the plugin it’s very easy to add zooming to images. Simply click “Enable Automatic Zoom” and the plugin does the rest:

The default theme for the plugin is dark, but you can change the color schemes by specifying in the launch.js file. You can choose from five alternate themes located in the plugin’s images/PrettyPhoto directory.

View a live demo and more screenshots on the plugin’s homepage. If you want to add image zooming to your site, you can download PrettyPhoto Zoom for free from the WordPress plugin repository.