Promote on Facebook? Yes, I think you should.

Promote on Facebook? Yes, I think you should.

If you’re a regular WPMU reader you’ve probably gathered that we’re pretty big on our Facebook page (if you haven’t liked it already, do it now, you’ll love it, promise) so, needless to say, we’ve been watching their promotion features pretty closely over the last few months – and equally huge fans of integrating WordPress with Facebook.

But today, they really got my attention by not just offering to promote the page, but telling me the exact percentage of our ‘likes’ that saw each post:

Stats for the latest posts we've put up on Facebook
Of late the range is between 16% at the lowest and 32% at the highest

And perhaps most significantly, how many I could buy with a promotion, check it out:

The range of payment options to get extra promotion
$31 for 8,000 views... nice!

So, the question is, should we use it? And of course, will we?

And my answer to both is a resounding yes.

Reasons being:

  • Regular FB advertising, IMO sucks… we’ve wasted some money on it before and I’m not keen to do it again
  • In fact, regular advertising on most sites sucks, a 125×125 box in the sidebar, no thanks
  • But this is integrated, it’s straight into people’s feed, under their noses, and they have already liked the page, so it’s win win
  • It’s much more like a sponsored post, or in post advertising, which IMO is massively more effective

And check out how it could boost our existing Facebook traffic

Here’s the referrals from Facebook stats for the last month:

Our google analytics stats for referrals from facebook
Not bad at all, but could do better!


Now, the thing to remember is that those stats are without any promotion at all  – so they are being achieved with, say, and average of 25% visibility of our posts in Facebook.

A visibility of an extra 8,000 (for $31) on an individual post would effectively make that 100%, thus, you would imagine, quite possibly quadrupling those stats.

So, say we promote 4 posts per day, at $31 a pop, for a month, we could quite possibly expect 30,000 more visitors in a month for a spend of roughly $3844.

$3844 spent on Facebook Promotion = maybe 30,000 more visitors

$3844 spent on Google Adwords = around 1,000 – 1,500 more visitors

So, even if my calculations are wildly inaccurate, Facebook looks like a vastly better bet than Adwords.

We’ll let you know how it goes :)