Proud CSS3 & HTML5 Web Developer? Here’s Your Free Toolbox

Proud CSS3 & HTML5 Web Developer? Here’s Your Free Toolbox

It's important to have your cats well organized.

Back before WordPress was even a twinkle in Matt Mullenweg’s eye, web design was a different world. Dedicated designers worked for weeks on end to do what can now be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Brave New World

In that way, the advent of WordPress was both an enormous blessing and a curse. I will shamelessly admit that I took pleasure in working very hard to achieve things that can now be done without a scrap of technical knowledge. And I was certainly no expert web developer. But many of you out there are. You probably look upon WordPress with a measure of gratitude and deference, and just a smidgen of regret.

Structure Straight Out Of The Box

One spectacularly useful feature of WordPress (among many) is that it sets the framework of your blog or website in place without you having to lift a finger. From the moment it is installed on your website, you have structure. The complaint that some web developers have is that the structure is obscured by the formatting established by whatever theme you have installed.

WordPress Isn’t Your Enemy!

WordPress doesn’t have to hamstring you from getting down and dirty with the latest versions of HTML and CSS. You can start with what is essentially a blank slate, whilst retaining the basic framework that no developer in their right minds really wants to go to the trouble of coding.

How? With a theme, obviously. Toolbox is “a semantic, HTML5, canvas for CSS artists and an ultra-minimal set of super-clean templates for your own WordPress theme development.”

In other words, it gives you the blank slate you are looking for.

This aint for the faint-hearted folks. You can forget about customization menus, drag and drop, or an irritating paperclip telling you what to do (they have that in WordPress, right?). You have plugins, widgets and menus available as per usual, but you’re pretty much on your own beyond that.

You’re either terrified or excited by the prospect. If you’re excited, welcome to old-school web design heaven.

Creative commons images courtesy of Daren and Windell Oskay