How To Remove Comments And Sidebars From Your WordPress Site

How To Remove Comments And Sidebars From Your WordPress Site

How to completely remove comments from your WordPress siteAttention ninjas: It’s time for another Q & A session, so break out those WordPress skills and get ready to help a fellow WPMU reader solve his problem.

We received today’s question from a WPMU reader named Mike, who’s trying to cut some unnecessary weight from his WordPres site. He says:

I need to completely disable comments on my site, for both posts and pages, with no remnants of a comment system ever being there. I also need clean, empty pages with no sidebars anywhere on my site.

What is the simplest and least-technical way of accomplishing this?


It’s helping time! Can you throw a bit of WordPress wisdom in Mike’s direction? Please add a comment after this article and share your suggestions.

Keep in mind that we’re looking for a beginner-level solution here; something that any WordPress user will be comfortable with. If you can suggest three different ways to do what Mike is asking, just give us the easiest one.

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