Replace WordPress Smileys With Font-based Emoticons

Replace WordPress Smileys With Font-based Emoticons

Emoticons are so commonly used in blogging that WordPress has support for smileys included in its core. However, the default WordPress Smileys are made with images. If you’re a regular user of emoticons you may have noticed that those smileys can really disrupt your line spacing when used within your blog, making your paragraphs look a little wonky.

Font Emoticons is a new plugin that replaces the default WordPress smileys with font-based emoticons. With this plugin installed, your emoticons will have the same size as the surrounding text. Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

The advantage of using font-based emoticons is that they will always fit the font size, maintain the same color as the surrounding font and will never distort the heights of your lines.

Available font-based emoticons included in this plugin are shown below:

I’ve tested this plugin and it works exactly as expected. There are no settings to fiddle with. Simply activate the plugin and it’s already turned on. Download Font Emoticons from the WordPress plugin repository to instantly correct all the uneven line spacing caused by smileys.