Revolution Slider: A Premium Drag and Drop Slider for WordPress

Revolution Slider: A Premium Drag and Drop Slider for WordPress

Revolution Slider is a new premium slider available in both jquery (for your standard html sites), and as a plugin for your WordPress powered website.

It offers an impressive feature set including:

  • Unlimited Slides
  • Unlimited Caption Layers
  • CSS Animation with a fallBack to jQuery
  • Vimeo & YouTube video
  • Drag and Drop layering
Here are a few examples of what Revolution Slider can do on your website:
Revolution Slider in Post. Click image to enlarge.
Revolution Slider Full Width
Full Width Slider. Click image to enlarge.

Slide Editing

Revolution slider taps into your media library for photos, videos, or links placement inside sliders.

After a slide is added, it can be edited using the slider settings page where you can control things like slide transitions, slide change speed, shadowing, and slide navigation.

It comes packed with dozens of standard slide transitions you’ve come to expect from a quality slider, plus the ability to edit CSS of each individual slide. Slides can also be displayed as thumbnails, in nav bar style, or just as simple bullets.

Revolution Slider Panel Settings
Click Image to enlarge

Slider Text Overlays

In older sliders, you’d have to edit individual images to include that text, and then set the image (with text) in the slider plugin. It takes longer in the editing phase and requires alot of work to update simple text displays.

Revolution Slider allows text overlays to be placed on the slide independent of images. This makes it much easier to update slider text for dynamic products, services, or other offerings on your site.

Click Image to enlarge

This feature has become standardized on most current premium sliders, but where Revolution Slider excels is in its ability to drag and drop the text overlays as individual layers anywhere on your slide.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Rather than having to hard code layer position with CSS, or be forced to set x-y coordinates inside the actual slide, Revolution Slider lets you place your layers using your mouse. You can drag and drop layers anywhere on the visible slide, and even layer them on top of each other.

Drag and Drop Layer Editor. Click image to enlarge

This allows you to create some really unique sliders when combining text items that fly in with stationary images and video. It also allows you to create a virtual video wall, by which your slider can contain multiple videos on the same screen.

Multiple Videos on One Slider. Click image to enlarge.


Slider Responsiveness

Perhaps the plugin’s most impressive feature is its responsive nature. With many sliders, the code throws off formatting on mobile displays no matter how “responsive” the theme might be. But with Revolution Slider, multiple size displays can be configured in the slider settings panel for more customization based on various screen sizes, mobile devices, or to make the slider change fit better with certain web components.

The images below show the slider in both vertical and horizontal mode on my Android device, but it works just as well on the iPhone.

Revolution Slider Responsive Mobile
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Revolution Slider Responsive Mobile
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Slides can be transitioned with a simple finger swipe, buttons work well, and text shows up crystal clear.

As mobile browsing gets ever more popular, admins who currently have slider displays on their websites will be forced to upgrade to responsive sliders, and Revolution Slider is a great new offering in this category.


Revolution Slider is a premium slider, so you’ll have to shell out a few bucks to use it on your site, but it’s a great new entry in the WordPress slider category and definitely worth checking out.