Sell Media: A Free WordPress Plugin For Selling Digital Files

Sell Media: A Free WordPress Plugin For Selling Digital Files

If your website is driven by your creative media, be it photos, videos or audio files, the last thing you want to see is your hard work being used without your consent. The Sell Media plugin for WordPress gives you a way to sell, license and protect your precious media, with no fees. Absolutely free!

Sell Media is a neat and easy way for photographers, videographers, musicians and artists to organize their content in their WordPress sites and start turning a profit instead of turning out unlicensed content for digital ne’er-do-wells.

With Sell Media, you can essentially build your own stock photo site in a matter of minutes, creating and assigning different licenses and prices for each product you have. This plugin is ready to go with any WordPress theme. It’s packed full of powerful features to help you sell, license and protect your media:

  • Sell your images, videos, audio files and pdf’s directly from WordPress
  • Categorize your media into collections
  • Create private collections and display image metadata
  • Create and assign different licenses and prices for each image, video or audio file based on the anticipated usage of the media
  • Images stored in a folder that isn’t web-accessible
  • Shortcodes included to display the Checkout Cart, Thanks page, Buy Button, and Search Form

If you want to extend the power of Sell Media even further, the GraphPaperPress team is busy creating extensions that will be sold for a small fee.

Current available extensions include:

  • Watermark – watermark your image uploads
  • Newsletters – integration with Mailchimp and other newsletter systems
  • Magnifier – allow buyers to enlarge your images

Many more extensions are on the way, including Stripe Payment Gateway, Discount Codes, Sendgrid integration and many more.

Thanks to the folks over at GraphPaperPress for releasing this awesome plugin for FREE. Many starving artists are bound to benefit from it. The Sell Media plugin can give your media protection and profitability at once. So stop giving away your valuable content and start putting it to work for you instead.