Share a Draft of a WordPress Post with Anyone Before It’s Published

Share a Draft of a WordPress Post with Anyone Before It’s Published

Drafts in WordPress can be viewed by the writer of the post, Editors, and Administrators. But what if you want to share a draft with someone else, maybe even someone who isn’t even signed up to your site?

With the Share a Draft plugin you can do just that.


How It Works

Once installed and activated, you will see a new menu item in your Posts section.


Once inside your Share a Draft section, you will need to choose your draft for sharing. You will then need to set the timer for how long the live link is available.

When you click “Share It,” a link will appear for sharing. You can send this link to anyone and they will be able to see your draft as if it were a live post. (They do not get access to the write/edit screen. They can only read the post as if it were actually published on your site.)

This plugin could prove useful for many different situations. As mentioned, you may want to have a friend look at something before it’s published. Another common possible use would be to allow interviewees to check for accuracy before an interview or an article went live.

You can find the Share a Draft plugin here.


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