Showcase Your App with These Quality WordPress Themes

Showcase Your App with These Quality WordPress Themes

If you need to create a website to promote a mobile application, then the items in this collection of app showcase themes for WordPress should give you plenty of options to consider.

If you want to build a website that does a great job of promoting an app or piece of software, it’s a good idea to focus on highlighting the benefits to the end user, rather than listing endless features and specifications.

And if you can combine that with a selection of attractive in-app screenshots and easy to follow links to the appropriate app stores, you can ensure your visitors will have everything they need in order to take the next step and download your latest creation.

Some of the popular features to be found in these app showcase theme include multi-platform mock up image templates, slideshows for displaying app screenshots, customer reviews and testimonials, optional one page layouts, and a range of customization controls.

While most of these themes are focused on showcasing a single app, some of the options in this selection include portfolio sections for highlighting your best work and promoting your app-related services.

Overall, these themes range from simple templates that can be deployed quickly, through to fully-featured, multipurpose templates that include a wealth of customization options for you to pore over.

  • MobileApp

    MobileApp makes use of the one page style of web design to deliver a homepage that can house as many sections as you need, in order to really tell the story of your mobile app, or other form of software.

    As your visitors navigate their way down the homepage, the unique scrolling effect changes the screenshots that are displayed in the device, along with the page’s background image. This effect is accompanied by eye catching animated text to help hold your visitors attention for as long as possible. The MobileApp package from MyThemeShop also includes six different device templates to help you convey to your visitors that their device is supported.

    Throughout the configurable homepage layout you can insert as many buttons as you need. These buttons can either link to other sections of your website, or directly to the app stores so your visitors can download your software.

    With MobileApp you get access to a wealth of online documentation, as well as detailed settings allowing you to customize many aspects of the theme.

  • Tapptastic

    Tapptastic aims to make it as easy as possible to promote your apps online. Thanks to the mobile device images that come with this package, adding your own screenshots to the device mock ups is just a case of pasting them into the included Photoshop files.

    With Tapptastic you also get access to an integrated animated slider tool that allows you to display a stream of images and videos. The animations, user controls, and other effects of the slider can all be customized in order to help you to get it work in the way that you want.

    To ensure your new website looks its best no matter what device and technology it’s being viewed on, Tapptastic is fully mobile responsive and retina ready, covering everything from small screen portables, right through to high end desktops.

    Tapptastic and the other themes from ThemeFuse include a one-click demo data installation and a selection of helpful video tutorials to get up and running as quickly as possible.

  • CleanApp

    CleanApp includes a large header image to display a full screen mock up of the app running on your device of choice.

    Whether your app is catering to Android or Apple users, this theme includes prominent buttons to the respective app stores that can help increase the chances of your visitors clicking through to where they can make a purchase for their device.

    As the CleanApp theme makes use of a vertically-long homepage layout, there is also room for displaying a selection of screenshots to really showcase the best features of your app. As this section of the page is delivered using a slider, you can include as many images as you need, without taking up too much screen space.

    To help provide some vital reassurance to your potential customers, the theme also includes provisions for publishing client and customer feedback and testimonials. Again this feature makes use of the built-in slideshow tool, allowing you to easily display multiple reviews in one location, complete with star ratings.

    As CleanApp has been created by MyThemeShop, a lot of effort has been placed on making this template as fast loading and SEO-friendly as possible. This should ensure an improved user experience and more traffic to your website.

  • AppTheme

    AppTheme is another WordPress theme from MyThemeShop that has been built especially for showcasing your latest mobile app.

    However, AppTheme is a flexible option as it can be installed in two pre-built configurations. This includes a typical app showcase layout, as well as a blog mode. The former option makes use of a full screen image displaying a mobile mock up with app screen shots, as well as the useful buttons linking to the app stores.

    Further down the page you get the opportunity to highlight the best features of the app by making use of the icon sets, while the screenshot slider, and customer reviews help promote the app further.

    The secondary blog mode layout of AppTheme does away with the traditional app showcase features and instead sticks to a more traditional blog configuration. If you want to blog about apps, rather than showcase a single product, then this second configuration could be a good fit.

    However, the showcase mode of this theme will do a great job of promoting any app in attractive surroundings.

  • Mobilee

    Mobilee from CSS Igniter makes use of the flat UI design trend to showcase your apps in a minimalist setting. The advantage of this is that your app screenshots really stand out on the page and become the focal point of your website.

    The main placeholder image on the homepage can accommodate multiple screenshots, which are then cycled through automatically in a slideshow. The top section of the homepage can also feature a link to your preferred app stores so that your visitors can pick up your software whenever they are ready. The rest of the homepage can be populated with elements of your choice, thanks to its widget support.

    If you are looking for a fast loading, clean and clear design for your app showcase website, then Mobilee is well worth checking out.

  • My App

    The My App theme is equally well suited to promoting an app for the Android platform as it is their Cupertino counterparts.

    While the homepage looks fairly standard for an app showcase theme, the device mock up actually houses a slider for displaying multiple app screenshots in the place of one image. This display area is also joined by two buttons to the leading app stores, as well as a tabbed effect menu for launching the inner pages of the theme.

    As the app display and buttons are located in the header area of the theme, they are always on display, while the individual page content loads up below. This means your visitors can jump straight to the app store to download the software, no matter what page they are viewing.

    If you want to sell apps or other items yourself, directly from your website, then this theme gives you the ability to do so. This is thanks to the fact that it has been built to seamlessly integrate with the free WooCommerce plugin which can add the required checkout functionality to your website.

    With lot of widgets for displaying a range of content in various locations throughout your site, the My App theme is a flexible option.

  • Epik Theme

    Epik Theme has been created by appfinite and runs on the Genesis Framework for WordPress.

    The homepage of this theme gives you an opportunity to use the integrated full width slideshow tool to showcase multiple screenshots of your app, complete with device mock ups. The vertically-long homepage also includes an optional pricing table, a client logo display, and additional information about your software. The portfolio section makes it easy to promote your other offerings in an easy to read format.

    When building your website with this theme, you get 10 color schemes to choose from, as well as 6 layout options for your content, including a full width configuration. There are also six templates to make use of, covering the landing page, and blog archives to name just two.

    The Genesis Framework and its child themes are well regarded by developers thanks to their clean code with which they can be customized.  If you like the idea of a coder-friendly theme that you can make your own, then Epik could be a great choice.

  • Immensely

    Immensely is a flexible business-focused theme that can be easily used to promote a mobile app or game, thanks to the included selection of Photoshop images that come with the developer license.

    Immensely also includes a number of page templates that can be used to customize the appearance of your content when publishing blog posts, portfolio items, or contact pages. Individual templates for the various WordPress post formats are included too. This makes it easy for the different types of content you share to stand out from one another.

    This theme from Themes Kingdom also includes a page builder tool and widget tracking to help you test and optimize your custom designs for improved conversion rates.

  • Appix

    Appix has been designed to help promote the services of agencies or freelancers that specialize in mobile app development.

    Rather than just showcasing one app, Appix includes a portfolio section for highlighting a selection of your best work, along with a quote request submission form for soliciting business from your visitors.

    When you choose Appix from Themes Kingdom you get access to all the Photoshop files of the images used in this theme as well as all the support and documentation you need to get your website online.

  • Kodax

    Kodax gives you a full screen canvas to showcase your mobile app in style, with lots of other useful features to promote your brand.

    The theme package includes seven high resolution slides that are ready for your app screenshots to be inserted into. These smart object slides cover a range of devices, including tablets, laptops, and of course smartphones. Just open the files in Photoshop and paste your images into place and they are ready to go.

    As well as the full screen slider, you can also use the other custom widgets to populate your homepage with retina-ready icon lists, a client testimonial slider, and a selection of your latest tweets. Kodax includes a range of page templates and blog post layouts which can be used as needed throughout your website.

    There is also a range of gallery styles which you can use to publish your portfolio content, or other images, audio, and video. Kodax includes support for the WooCommerce plugin so adding an online store to your website isn’t a problem with this theme.

    If you want access to the best features of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes, in a package that focuses on app promotion, then Kodax is a good choice.

  • Appster

    Appster contains everything you need to build a one page app promotional website, complete with parallax scrolling and an eye catching animated homepage slider.

    Each slide in the animated slider can include images, text, and buttons, making each section a self-contained app promotions page in itself. In addition to the full screen slideshow, the homepage of your website can include feature lists decorated with large vector icons, multiple device mock ups complete with your app screenshots, and many other sections to help promote your services and products

    To make smartphone and tablet users feel at home the layout of Appster is fully mobile responsive and the homepage slider is compatible with touch screen interfaces. You also get access to the layered Photoshop file templates to enable you to easily insert your app screenshots into a range of devices.

  • Appdev

    If you are looking for a popular and flexible WordPress theme for building the perfect landing page to promote your mobile app then Appdev is well worth taking for a test drive.

    The theme comes with four pre-built color skins which allow you to easily adjust the mood of your website, while the more granular settings give you the ability to customize the individual aspects of the theme. The settings of the theme also allow you to run your website in either full screen mode or a boxed layout.

    When setting up your homepage, there is no shortage of page elements to choose from, all of which can be dragged and dropped into place thanks to the widgetized layout. Appdev also makes use of the WordPress custom post type feature to help you publish your testimonials, team member profiles, and portfolio items in their purpose built templates.

    Appdev is packed with useful features that work equally well on small screen devices as they do on high resolution desktop monitors.

  • Mobera

    Mobera comes in two pre-built configurations, allowing you to set your website up with either a sidebar menu or a header menu.

    Whichever option you choose, the menu will be on display at all times to help your visitors quickly jump to another page on your site, no matter how far they’ve scrolled down. With Mobera the theme images are all optimized for a range of devices, including the high end retina displays that are becoming increasingly popular. While this means your images will load quickly on a mobile device, they will also hold their own on high resolution monitors.

    Mobera comes with the premium Visual Composer page builder and Slider Revolution animated slideshow builder plugins integrated into the package. This makes this theme a well-featured and great value option for showcasing your products.

  • Appley

    Appley gives you an opportunity to highlight the best features of your mobile app before funneling your visitors off to the app stores to purchase your latest creation.

    While this theme comes with eight layout options for you to choose from, the rest of the setup process is straightforward as Appley is aimed at those who want to get their website up and running with as little fuss as possible. The homepage can easily accommodate a range of page elements, including videos, slideshows, and image galleries, allowing you to promote all the best aspects of your software.

    While you don’t get a page builder tool or countless customization options with Appley, this does mean you can have your website online as quickly as possible, ready to start promoting your apps.

  • Agile

    Agile is a great choice for anyone who wants total control over how their website looks, without the need to build their theme from the ground up.

    With this app theme you get access to the best-selling Visual Composer page builder tool. This plugin includes 50 page builder elements to use in your designs, plus 9 templates to help you get started. Agile users also get a library of shortcodes to play with, making it easy to insert a range of page elements into your content.

    Further personalization options include a full range color picker, and over 150 options for changing fonts, backgrounds, layouts and more on your website. There are also unlimited header options to work with and support for custom sidebars for each post and page you publish.

    If the thought of endless personalization and customization possibilities excites you, then Agile could be just the theme you are looking for.


Hopefully you are able to make a final decision after viewing so many well-designed app promotion themes.

Whether you want a simple landing page for promoting your latest app, or a theme that will allow you to build a fully customized WordPress website to showcase your app portfolio and development services, there should be a suitable option for you.

What is your favorite theme on the list? What features do you consider to be essential in a WordPress app showcase theme? Leave your thought in the comments below.
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